Nemesis Solutions

Specializing in Business and Personal liquidation, Repurposing, and Resale

International E-Commerce

We are an international E-Commerce and product sourcing company with expertise in both business to business and business to consumer sales; We are a versatile company continually looking for innovation value in the pre-owned equipment landscape.

Product Sourcing

We source both new and used Equipment / Assets. We sort and add value to inventory through repairs, marketing, and competitive pricing. Products are sold to satisfied new owners in both business and consumer markets.

We’re committed to excellent customer service and dedication to honesty and transparency. We carefully inspect every item we sell. We do our best to resolve any customer concerns over the phone or by email as quickly as possible. When our customers work with us, many common risks associated with online product purchasing are eliminated. Our employees are a group of like-minded people who share these values. They strive to improve themselves while improving the company.